Bike used to ride the Wall

One of the Wall Bikes from the Wall of Death

What is Rally Fun?

A rally is a coming together of the Biker Community. It is a party based on the common ground of the MotorCycle. A rally is a bit like Mardi Gras and a bit like a social club. It is a gathering, a time to see old friends and make some new friends. It is a time to hear some good live music and maybe even to taste a cold one or two. But most of all it is a time to ride! So get some wind in your face, see the sites, and enjoy the party.

I have worked the major Rallies around the country for the last dozen years. I took a few pictures along the way and have posted several galleries here. I offer this site as a tribute to the rallies and the people who ride.

Now You Can Share Your Fun Times Here

We have just added two new sections to the site. The Road and Rally Stories section enables you to easily tell the community about the fun times you have had. This section is based on an article directory script so articles as well as stories can be submitted here. There will be some hand picked articles added to the section to get things rolling.

The other section that we have added is oriented to photo sharing. We invite you to post your pictures from rallies, parties, events, and trips to these pages. I am using the same script, but I have adapted it to display your photos. The section is called 'My Pictures From . . .' so show us your pictures here. I also added categories for cartoons and videos, so show us something good!!

Submit an Event

If you work events in any capacity or if you are looking to staff an event we invite you to check out our referral site at: Event Staff Online

Did you enjoy this site?

Tell me what you would like to see here! What would make the site more fun to visit?

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